Agriculture (Lmc)

The Municipality and its surroundings have good climate for the growth of a wide range of agricultural products. Apart from cotton and sunflower which are prepared for export, no other crops are exported directly from the region.

As we are operating in a free economy, we are calling upon individuals, groups, companies and cooperative organizations to come and venture in the exportation of the region’s agricultural produce to the outside markets.

Currently the Municipality has:

 Cotton
 Legumes (beans, G/nuts, Soya beans)
 Sunflower and simsim
 Maize
 Cassava
 Tomatoes
 Mangoes, oranges, and other fruits
 Rice, millet and sorghum

Problems facing this sector

 Inadequate funding for planned intervention
 Low/no staffing
 Poor production methods and technologies
 Insecurity
 Prevalence of diseases and pests
 inaccessibility of inputs by the farmers


4 comments on “Agriculture (Lmc)

  1. We from twiga chemical industries ltd are committed to supply quality agrochemicals for crop protection as well as extension technical service whenever needed. Contact 07821174350 here in lira. Thanks.

  2. Hi Sir/Madam,
    I am a kenyan business person interested in buying sunflower seeds for cooking oil extraction.Kindly let me know whether i can competitively source it from Lira and how much it would cost per kilo at Lira.

    Warm Regards

    Njama Githui

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