In performing the duties assigned to them, the different SACCO organs and officials shall take into account the following principles:

1) Participation
Members’ participation is essential for effective and efficient governance and management. All members shall have a voice in the decision-making process either directly, or through the organs that represent them. Such participation shall be free of intimidation, duress or undue influence.

2) Transparency and Easy Access to Information
All processes, decisions and relevant information shall be transparent, and accessible to all those concerned. Governance organs shall hold regular meetings to direct the SACCO’s affairs. In this respect, the Board/Committee and its Sub-Committees shall meet at least once a month, while the General Meeting shall be held at least once a year and in any case not later than 3 months following the close of the SACCO’s financial year. For issues that require special resolution, like changing bylaws, all members shall be invited.
Similarly, the Supervisory/Audit Committee shall meet regularly to provide effective supervision of the SACCO’s operations and general business.

All decision makers shall be accountable to immediate supervisors and higher organs and ultimately, to the members and communities.

4) Consensus Orientation

The different organs and officials shall endeavour to reach consensus on all matters critical to the SACCO’s operations. This will be achieved through a participatory approach, transparent systems and operations, and full accountability to the members. People in power shall be open to differing view points.

5) Efficiency and Effectiveness
The SACCO’s governance organs shall have policies, processes and procedures that produce results that meet the needs of members. Hence, the SACCO’s resources shall be used efficiently.

6) Equity
All members shall have equal opportunity to benefit from the SACCO’s services. The members, without discrimination shall feel they are treated with utmost fairness at all times.

7) Respect for Rules, Policies and Regulations
The legal framework and policies under which the SACCO is regulated and operates shall be respected strictly and impartially enforced. The SACCO’s By-Laws and operating policies and regulations shall always be complied with. They will be made known to all members at all times.

8) Strategic and Visionary Leadership
The SACCO shall have leaders and management with a vision for and commitment to the organisation, and passion to improve their members and the communities in which they are based. Their character and past record shall be free of any unprofessional reputation.

9) Knowledge and Skill in Leadership and Management
The members of the governance and management organs shall be knowledgeable and trainable in SACCO governance, management and operations.

10) Organisational Growth
Governance organs shall focus their efforts on SACCO growth, both in size and operations. Continued growth will result into the SACCO’s survival and sustainability in the long term.