Probation, Youth and culture (Lmc)

Probation and social welfare:
2541 abducted/abandoned children were resettled by both the police (26 children) and Rachele rehabilitation center (2515 children)

The percentage of orphans by Division
County. Division percentage of the population
Lira Municipality Adyel 19.3
Central 20.2
Ojwina 18.6
Railways 19.6

Situational analysis:-
Youth population constitutes about 55% of the estimated Lira municipality’s population 12590 Male and 12343 female , Most of the in urban areas. A trend of rural-urban migration by the youth is observable. The major causes of this pattern are :-
• Search for better social services and amenities
• Search for employment and business opportunities
• Domestic violence
• Parental neglect


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