District Service Commsion

The District Service Commission (DSC) derives its existence from Article 198 and section 55 of the 1995 Constitution and Local Governments Act 1997 as amended 2001 respectively. The functions of the commission are entrenched in Article 200(1) of the constitution and section 56(1) of the Local Governments Act.

The Composition of the Commission
The commission is composed of a chairperson and 3 members. The Chairperson is full time while other members are part timers who are normally invited whenever there is a meeting. There are 2 ladies who are members of the Commission. The disabled are also represented by one member of the Commission. The Commission is however lacking one member. Three of the members of the Commission were sworn on 1st June 2007. Their term will expire on 30th May, 2011. The member who is representing disabled was sworn on 17th March, 2010 his term expires on 16th Feb. 2013.

The Commission Secretariat
The commission has a secretariat headed by a Secretary at the rank of a Personnel Officer. The following posts were established in the new structures of the District Service Commission; Secretary (Principal Personnel Officer) U2L, Personnel Officer U4L, Assistant Records Officer U5, and, Office attendant U8U.

The Commission Finances.
The Commission is in a position to meet 40 times and meet its obligations because its fund has been stepped up to sh. 108,753,000. The Commission get 100% of its funding from PAF. (Central government funding).

POCC Analysis
– The commission is composed of high dedicated members who are people of integrity.
– The commission practices merit and impartiality in effecting appointments. Due to this all vacant posts are advertised for open competition.
– The Secretariat staff is very dedicated and honest.
– The commissioners occasionally hold consultative meetings with heads of departments.
– The members of the Commission have been given an induction by the Public Service Commission. They always try to work according to the Public service guideline.
– Their functions are clearly spelt out in sector 56 (1) of Act

– Training opportunities available.
– 1995 Uganda’s constitution.
– Restructuring of Local Government.
– Update new personnel appraisal forms
– Single spine salary structure.

– The secretariat is not well equipped with furniture and equipment.
– The time for working on the submission also depends on the finance released to the commission.

– Delays in release of funds
– Transport for the commission
– Many applicants for the few jobs


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