Tender Board

The land Board is an institution which has been mandated to provide for a decentralized system of Land Management throughout the country.
On the 28th day of September 2009, the Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development by Section 57(1) of the Land Act, Cap.227 approved the appointment of Lira District Land Board who are now currently handling the office .
The functions of the Land Board are enshrined in S.59 of the Land Act Cap227.
The present board consists of the chairman and three other members. There are two (2) female members in the board. The members are suppose to hold office for five years and may be eligible for reappointment for further one term.

Secretariat of the Land Board
The Land Board gets guidance from the Land Officer, the District Surveyor, the Physical Planner and the Cartographer. The other staffs that aid the work of the Land Board are the Records Officer, the Typists and the Office Attendant.
The District council has also set up a Area Land Committee at both the sub county and division level who act as advises to the Land Board and help in demarcating people’s interest in land.

Board meetings
The meetings of the Land Board are regulated in the provisions in the Land Act Cap227 and the board is suppose to meet at least every after every two months.
The Board gets its main funds from PAF and this limits its activities to allowances and operational costs of the Land Board.

Issues related to gender that are taken into account by the board are:
– Composition of the Land Board members is gender sensitive with atleast 2 members of the Land Board being Women
– .All decision concerning land owned under customary tenure must treat both men and women with equal opportunity over the ownership of land.
– Widows and children shoud be considered when it comes to inheritance of land and property.
– Both men and women should be sensitised on land issues such as ownership, rights and transactions.

As far as environmental issues are concerned some guiding principles for the land board are:
– The local authority has entrusted the land board to keep safely on behalf of the people, the natural lakes, rivers, ponds, streams, grounds, water, wetlands, forest reserves, national parks and any other land kept for environment purpose.
– District authority must not lease out or transfer possession and control of any of the above natural wealth or resources.
– District local authority through District Land Board is allowed to give rights, licences or permits for the use and exploitation of the natural wealth.
– The land board during their meeting consult the wetland officer before any applications that falls within environmentally sensitive areas are considered.

– The Land Board has got a new land office with spacious rooms and compound that needs regular maintenance and clearing.
– The board however lacks a computer and personnel to operate the computer.
– The other records that are maintained by the board include the compensation list, keeping and recording of the board minutes and land files for individuals plots that are surveyed.

POCC Analysis
– Its independent operation without outside interferences.
– Site visiting of the piece of land before decision is made.
– Following the existing regulation and within its boundary.
– The functions are spelt out in Land Act 1998 and the 1995 constitution and appropriate land regulations.
– The secretariat of the Land Board is now fully operational with the recent recruitment of a Substantive Land officer and District Surveyor.
– The secretary land board is now substantially appointed.

– Expansion of the secretariat to full capacities.
– Improve office accommodation and facilities.
– Explore more area for allocation for development.
– Existence of the Land Act 1998 and the 1995 constitution.
– Land policy is being developed to aid the operation of the Land Board.

– The board is still lacking staff like the Registrar of titles and the District valuer.
– Lack of transport for inspections delay the operation of the board.
– Lack of soft ware facilities, computer, duplicating machines etc delay minutes production.
– There is no clear budget line for the Area Land committee and this demotivates them from doing their work.
– The Recorders have not been trained to handle certificates of customary ownership.

– in sufficient funds from Local Revenue to carry out other land related activities.
– very small percent of funds from PAF is allocated to Land Board activities.
– Implementation of the board decisions by some government organs especially Lira Municipality is hindrance/not enforceable.
– Land belongs to the people; that make land management difficult.
– Physical planning powers belong to urban authority and the land allocation and management belongs to the board. This is a threat to land management as there is always conflict.
– Ever changing provisions in the Land Amendment Act.


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  1. Very great work being done but there is a need to task the government adequately fund the boards .

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