Road Sector

The mission of the sector is to promote adequate, safe and well maintained transport infrastructure, an efficient and effective communication system to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

The road sector is charged with the responsibility of maintaining District Roads. The feeder road network of the district totals to 354.3 km which are spread within Erute county.

There are also 4 bridges on the feeder road network of which one got broken in 2005.

Review of Past Performance
The activities on roads include:
a) Rehabilitation/opening of new roads
b) Road maintenance
c) Bridge construction
d) Bridge repairs
e) Spot improvements
f) Community access roads improvements

In the last financial year, a total of 24 km of rehabilitation of roads was done using DANIDA FUNDING and 58.7km was periodically maintained under road fund A total of 354.3km was routinely maintained

POCC Analysis
• Qualified and committed staffs in the road sector

• Road sector is one of the priority areas under National Development Plan (NDP)

• Insufficient and old age road equipments..
• Little sense of ownership of roads by the rural population, hence poor maintenance.
• Lack of coordination between planning authorities.
• Lack of familiarity with gender, environmental and HIV/AIDS issues of the stakeholders at various levels.
• Lack of staffs in the dept (Asst Eng Officers, road inspectors).

• Persistent breakdown of equipments due to old age.
• Budget cuts.
• Late and under release of funds by the treasury which hamper implementation of planned works.
• Rigidity of sectoral guidelines which do not anticipate and cater for emergencies.
• Agwa Bridge which broke down in 2005 remains unfixed with out an identified source of funding for it.


2 comments on “Road Sector

  1. Use the Aromo bridge parts laying on the ground near the river. The US Navy Seebees and US Army Civil Affairs will not use them. Contact the US Embassy for permission for the parts.

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