Human Resource Management

The current system of decentralisation was established in the district in early 1993 and legalised by the 1995 Constitution and the structures set by the 1997 Local Government Act as amended 2001. The Act gives the higher and lower local government status respectively, while villages and parishes are administrative units. The present structure is as a result of remaining staff after creation of Amolatar, Dokolo, Alebton and Otuke Districts.

Staff establishment
Under decentralisation, there are two categories of staff:
– Decentralised
– Delegated.
The Government of Uganda has been implementing a Public Service Reform Programme aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness. A major component of this reform involves the organization and rationalization of organizational structures and service delivery functions.

Other reforms such as the divestiture process, the implementation of Results Oriented Management (ROM), which resulted into modified mandates, missions, objectives and outputs of both Central and Local Governments equally played a role in dictating the need for restructuring of Local Government structures. This was approved by cabinet in early 2005 and further customized and implemented by the District Council in mid 2005. The current structure was implemented in September 2005. The new structure is single spine complaint.

Policy issues
– Adapt a policy on HIV/AIDS handling in work places
– Declaration of next of kin by all newly recruited employees to facilitate staff welfare functioning.
– Updating training needs assessment report.
– Adoption of a Grade of Local Government structure as new districts get created from Lira
– Parish chiefs be transferable within the district.

POCC Analysis
– Well qualified staff, especially after restructuring.
– Have computers though need updating/maintenance.
– Salaries paid by the 28th day of the month.
– Capacity Building Plan in place and being implemented.
– Most staff computerised in the payroll.

– Limited opportunities for promotion.
– Understaffing in Human Resource Management Section.
– Lack of local revenue reflects in lack of funds for operations, especially that the section has no conditional grants from the centre directly.
– Limited tooling level especially in records management section.
– Lack of maintenance budget/plan.
– Lack of stationeries

– The new responsive structure.
– Capacity building grants availability under LGDP II.
– Rich labour market.

– HIV/AIDS effect on the human resource.
– Recentralisation of some offices.
– The stringent condition set for the use of capacity building grant by the Ministry of Local Government.
– Accumulated pension/gratuity arrears.
– Less unconditional grant than wage bill
– Condition for filling only critical post on structure set by the centre.


3 comments on “Human Resource Management

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    For an enterprise, NGO or Company to qualify, the owner should be 35 years and below employing at least 5 workers.

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