Staff Recruitment
The following guidelines shall be followed during staff recruitment:
(i) The SACCO shall give equal opportunity to candidates without discrimination on grounds of race, sex or religion.
(ii) Prior to recruitment to any post, the Board/Committee shall prepare a detailed job description stating duties and responsibilities of the desired candidate, as well as the essential qualifications, salaries and wages associated with the post.
(iii) Vacant posts shall be advertised either publicly or internally; recruitment may also take place through internal promotion. In any case, the method used shall enable the SACCO select the best candidate.
(iv) Applicants shall then be short listed and interviewed against specific criteria by a panel. The panel is free to co-opt relevant people with the required expertise.
(v) The most suitable and qualified/experienced person shall be offered the post on probation. The probationary period shall in the meantime be six (6) months for senior positions, and three (3) months for junior positions.
(vi) References and verification of information (written or by telephone) shall be sought from previous employers (if applicable) prior to appointment.
(vii) No person shall be employed by the SACCO unless such a person:
(a) Has attained the age of 18 and is not above XX years. However, a person who is above XX years but has the ability to perform shall be considered for employment.
(b) Has appropriate documentary evidence, including qualifications for the post as specified by the SACCO.
(c) Is of sound mind.
(d) Has not been convicted of civil or criminal offence.
(viii) The appointment of an employee shall be approved by the Chairperson and communicated to the employee in writing.