Council and Commitees (Lmc)

This Department includes; Council, Sectoral Committees, Contracts Committee, Public Accounts Committee and District Service Commission. The sector is responsible for policy initiatives and supervision of the implementation of the Council and Government policies, projects and programmes


There are 38 councilors in the Municipality of whom, 22 are male and 16 are female, however, there exist 3 vacant positions in the council. The council also has 5 executive positions with 5 Sectoral committees. The council held 30 Sectoral committee meetings and 6 general council meetings. There are 2councilors representing the youth and 2 representing the PWDs in the council.

Standing committees are the executive council and the Sectoral committees. The executive committee comprises of the; mayor, the deputy mayor and the three secretaries representing five sectors. All members are responsible to the mayor who has the powers to reshuffle his cabinet if need arises. The deputy mayor is the leader of Government Business and in charge of all Municipal finances. The chairperson plus seven or more members constitute the committee. During meetings, the head of department in which the committee falls is the technical advisor. There is a committee clerk who minutes as secretary and can also delegate such to any staff in the department

The contracts committee

The contracts committee has 5 members of whom 1 is a woman and 4 are men. They have done the following in the financial year 2010/11
• Held 9 meetings
• Written 4 committee reports
• Pre-qualified 126 firms/companies/individuals to provide goods and services on behave of the municipality
• Awarded 104 contracts to the above pre-qualified firms/companies/individuals
• Cancelled one (1) contract awarded to a certain firm
• Received 391 bids.


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