Contracts Commitee

The current Local Government contracts committee was appointed by the ministry of finance(PS/ST) in September 2009 and commenced work effectively in October 2010. The committee has a full membership of five officers including a lady and is supported by one secretary who is currently a senior procurement officer. Their term will expire in 2012.

Review of the past
The committee’s operation during the financial year 2009/10 was interrupted by the late appointment by ministry of finance (PS/ST). From July to October 2009 the approval of council procurement activities was done by Oyam District Local Government contracts committee. The committee started their operation in November 2009 with three members. In July 2010(two more members including the chairperson to the committee) were appointed to constitute full membership as required by PPDA Act.
In 2009/10 the contracts committee has been running normaly.The committee’s operations are being financed(exclusively under boards and commissions) ie PAF funds. There is financial constraint that does not allow the committee to hold extra meetings neither monitor some projects already contracted out.

POCC Analysis
– The present contracts committee members comprise of current public officers who are enlightened on government operations and procedures.
– The contracts committee is charged with the responsibility of procurement of goods, services and works in Lira District Local Government funded by Central Governments, Donors etc.
– Local Government contracts committee is a statutory body recognised and put in place by PPDA Act 2003.
– Local Government contracts committee utilises the existing laws and regulations in force i.e. Local Government Act 1997, Financial and Accounting Regulations 1998, PPDA Act 2003 and PPDA regulations 2006 etc.
– Local Government contracts committee benefits from the wealth of experience of the members, the District Council, the Chief Administrative Officer and Heads of Departments.
– Regular remuneration from PAF funds to contracts committee members.

– LG contracts committee has been a venue for undue influence from political wing and business community.
– Inadequacy of funds to pay for allowances during extra ordinary meetings is a demotivation.
– LG contracts committee over rely on external funding from central government for its operations.
– The Secretary Local Government contracts committee is a trained, qualified, professional procurement personnel and knows procurement procedures..
– The committee lacks facilitation to inspect and monitor projects which they have awarded.
– Delayed release of funds from the central government also delays prompt implementation of committee’s decisions.

– LG contracts committee operates in a well organised structure.
– LG contracts committee is protected by PPDA Act 2003,Regulations 2006, User Guide 2008 and the Guideline.
– LG contracts committee enjoys funding from PAF from central government which enables it to operate effectively and timely.
– Technical Evaluation Committee is technical and efficient.

– Undue political influence can make operations of the contracts committee difficult.
– Increasing demands by politicians, civil servants and businessmen poses a threat to the independence of the contracts committee and erodes its integrity.
– Funds with conditionality weaken the independence of the committee.


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