Lira Municipal Council

Lira Municipal Council


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  1. Advanced Diploma for Municipal Council and Local Government Workers

    The course can be offered in four and half month intensive reading:

    Course Units:

    1. GIS and Digitised Map making alt. Advanced Cartography (URP 2401)
    2. Land Surveying (ING1001)
    3. Urban Planning and Applied Site Planning (URP 2305)
    4. Urban Planning and Policy (URP2306)
    5. Infrastructure Systems (CEN 1104)

    Course start first week of June

    Duration of the course: 4.5 Months
    Course date: Immediately
    Award: Advanced Diploma
    Tuition Fees: UG 1,500,000 Shs

    This course is intended for:

    The target audience is specifically Local Government and Municipal Workers

    • Professionals working for public or private organizations
    • Local Governmental Workers with 4 years of working or researching experience
    • Public policy makers i.e. MPs and practitioners
    • Estates Owning firms and managers
    • Building construction firms


    1. A bachelor’s degree from a recognised university or similar institute in a field related to the chosen course.
    2. A professional with at least four years’ relevant work experience in a related field

    Admission Requirements:

    Application Form download from website
    Degree certificate
    Degree transcripts
    Letter of reference from work place
    Three Pass Photo

    Master Wood Plaza – Ndeeba
    phone :0752972960

  2. Hi I looking for a lady the names of ( Florence Adongo ) she is a disabled lady, she used to live in kampala and now she moved back to lira but I don’t know where she is now, could you please find her for me? It’s for good reason here is my number+781 4925318 or email me at thank you.

  3. Please the state of cleanliness of Lira town is embarrassing. Some of the new world bank roads have their dustbins with rubbish not collected for a very long time. As if they have been turned into rubbish dumps, posing a serious health hazard to the community especially in this rainy season. Check Aduku road in front of steel and tube Lira Outlet.

  4. I would like to know if the Ageno Foundation (children’s home and orphanage) directed by Mr. Okello Tonny is legally registered and certified to operate his NGO Charitable enterprise in Lira, UGANDA. He is soliciting funds and donations on Facebook and Twitter worldwide and has enticed my wife to donate up to $10,000 US Dollars for a poultry farming business as part of his plans to help poor children. He requests money to be wired directly to him through Worldremit or Paypal. I need to know if this sounds legitimate to you (I am very skeptical, as you can see). I would appreciate you attention to my concern. Please advise. Thank you very sincerely, Larry Bailey (USA).

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