Management and Security

The management structure earlier on affected by insecurity and displacement has improved and everybody is back at home.

The LRA rebel insurgency did adversely affect the following areas in as far as management services department is concerned:
– Implementation, monitoring, mentoring and co-ordination of departmental field and LLG activities.
– Supervision of local revenue mobilization especially and market dues collection is poor because of internal displacement and relocation of the populations from which people are just getting back.
– The breakdown of law and order leading to the insecurity of property and life of the local taxpayer and administrative staff.
– Poverty is rampant and there is a general lack of essential social services among the population though now being addressed by PRDP and NUSAF II.
There is also need to train parish chiefs who are currently unable to interpret and comprehend government policies, laws and standing instructions currently in force. This would enable the district to administer and deliver services to the people accordingly

Office accommodation
The District and Sub county levels all have fairly adequate office accommodation apart from the newly created sub-counties of Agweng, Agali, Ngetta. Nevertheless, at the parish and village levels, such facilities do not exist. The parish chiefs discharge their administrative functions from their own residential houses. There is a plan however to build parish offices.

Furniture and equipment
These are inadequate in general and lacking at the parish levels and sub-counties.

There is still a communication challenge from district headquarters through the sub-county, parishes to the villages. This calls for the promotion of the use of two-way radio communication systems, community radios and FM stations. The Sub-county Chiefs have been given motorcycles and each Parish Chief received a bicycle which is expected to improve on their performance. Vehicles and motorcycles are available at the district level for officers who have planned and scheduled field activities. They are not enough and maintenance of these vehicles have remained a challenge.

Review of past performance
Despite the immense challenges that the department has a core and steering role faced last FY, it managed to implement a good number of activities. A number of the key achievements that the department scored are indicated below:
– Two executive office chairs and one desk purchased for office of the CAO and DCAO
– Two officers were sent for career development training and 6 tailor made trainings conducted
– Recruitment and deployment of staff in personnel department, Production, Community, Natural Resources and Finance Department.
– Administration network extended to Planning Unit and Education Departments.
– Sub-county Disaster Management Committees established and functional in all sub-counties, monitoring and mentoring also done.
– Value for money audit monitoring rolled to three other sub-counties
– Quarterly PAF monitoring done for LLGs on planning and revenue enhancement plus implementation of PRDP, LGMSD Programmes.
– Coordinated key programmes namely; NAADS, UNICEF and started CIS.
– Routine print and electronic media coverage on TV,FM radio stations, Rupiny, Monitor and New Vision Newspapers
– 71 teachers recruited Headteachers and Deputies recruitment also in process and 359 Education Assistants will be recruited by September this year.


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