Agweng sub county was curved out of Ogur Sub County in July 2010 and is occupied by the Langi ethnic group, who in the past were divided into many small groups or clans each with its own leader.

Agweng Sub county is loated in the Extreme North of Lira. It is approximatelt 26km from Lira town via Ngetta, omboni College along Lira Kitgum road. The sub County Head Quarters has a land of 10 hectares

It borders Aromo SUb County in the North, Okwang and Apala subcounties in the East and Alito Sub County in the West.

The main traditional cash crop for the people of Agweng used to be cotton but now traditional crops like Simsim, maize, beans, millet, cassave, sun flower have taken over the role of cash crops

The soil is generally fertile loam soil.

The climate is continental but is modified by the streams in the SUb County. The rainfall is bimodal with one peak during April-May and the other in August-October.

Agweng Sub county is endowed with streams like Obim, Agunga, Bar-Orwee, Abala, Wicere, Arie, Angolocom, Ayami stream, Abala Dimdem stream.

Administratively, Agweng Sub County is divided into seven parishes and has a total of 86 Villages.

Human Resource

Agweng Sub county Local Government Staff include the following:-
1 Sub County Chief
1Sub Accountant
5 Parish Chiefs
1 Community Development Assistant
2 Extension workers
1 NAADS Coordinator