Education (Lmc)

The sector is composed of the sub-sectors of Education and Sports. It’s charged with overseeing the implementation of the Municipal and National education policies and plans. It also monitors and evaluates the performance of the education system and school operations to keep required standards within the Municipality. The areas of focus include teachers, pupils, and parents and school facilities. It’s also responsible for contributing to the development of an all round person who is capable of sustaining him or herself.

The Education Department has got the following objectives:-
• To improve the quality of both primary and secondary education
• To reduce school drop out especially of the girl child
• Provide and emphasize co-curricular activities
• To improve school monitoring and inspection
• To provide adequate school infrastructure

The sub-section has one inspector of schools who is in charge of the entire municipality; he is assisted by his assistant. Their major role is to inspect schools and ensure that schools comply with the guidelines of all programmes and polices.

Special Needs Education:-
This is a sub-section under Education and Sports, Lira Municipality has 2 Special Needs Education schools and these are: Nancy school of the Deaf and Ojwina primary school. There are 218 children (pupils) with disabilities in the two schools, 107 are female while 111 are male.

The enrollment of Girls in primary schools is higher than that of boys, 2 out of 4 divisions in the Municipality do not have any Government aided senior secondary school contrary to the Government policy to have at least one secondary school per division.


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