Finance and Planning (lmc)

Finance department has a number of sections, these include; Accounts, Internal Audit and Planning. These sections help the Municipality execute its responsibilities. The finance department is charged with the following responsibilities;
• Accounts section is responsible for keeping the Municipal accounts and making final accounts
• Planning unit is responsible to plan for the Municipal revenue
• Internal Audit section is to ensure that funds are spent as planned but not embezzled.
Lira Municipal Council has three major sources of revenue, these are;
• Local Revenue
• Central Government transfers and
• Donor/NGO funds.
The main sources for local revenue for Lira Municipality during the financial year 2010/11 were;
• Park fee
• Market/Gate charges.
• Land fees
• Business licenses
• Rent and rate
• Agency fees
Table 3.6 below indicates these sources and the amount realized from each source. The table also indicates that Central Government transfers contribute the largest percentage of the municipal budget in the three financial years and donor/NGO contributed the least.

There is need for the administrators of the Municipality to solicit for more Donors funding and also to broaden the Local Revenue in order to increase the Municipality revenue to contribute towards the development of the great Municipality. During the financial year 2009/10, Local Revenue contributed 13.3% of the total revenue in the Municipality. However the Municipality has put in place a number of revenue enhancement strategies, some of them are;
• Massive sensitization to be conducted in respect of revenue administration using registration, enumeration, assessment, collection, exemption and tax appeals among others
• Talk shows and business meetings to be regularly held to update the tax payers on what the council is doing
• Involvement of community leaders and politicians during enumeration and registration of tax payer’s businesses
• Lira Municipal Council and Divisions is creating a forum for involving various categories of tax payers in decision making especially negotiation to set rates. Traders associations are always targeted for this purpose.
• At the time of collection and enforcement, politicians and collectors alike are urged not to compromise their original decisions. The tax payers shall build confidence in the revenue collectors
• All the divisions shall have comprised business registers for every revenue source
• Efforts are always made to publicize tax defaulters.

Potential Revenue Sources

The council has a relatively small local revenue base and there is need to go an extra mile to identify new revenue sources in order to increase local revenue in the Municipality. The newly identified revenue sources include:
• Property Rates
• Street parking
• Garbage fees
• Implement by-law on solid waste which should be managed and turned into revenue
• Issuing permits to various professionals such as Banking institutions, Law firms, Insurance Companies, Telecommunication service providers, etc
• Toilet gate collections, for instance in the main market
• Selling of compost manure from Bio-degradable waste farmers
• Public private partnership arrangements of investment
• Registration of CBO/NGOs and other agencies operating within the Municipality
• Revision of structure plan; plan all unplanned areas and strengthen land management so as to collect revenue in form of premium and property rates by all property developers and owners respectively.


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