Housing Sub Sector (Lmc)

This is a sub-section under engineering section of Works Department in the directorate of Works and Technical Services. Presently, two Engineering Assistants are put in charge of building in the Municipality.
This sub-section is responsible for the management of all Municipality houses/offices and also to guide the public who are building houses within the Municipality to build as per the required standard.

Office Accommodation
The Municipal headquarters has its offices located at the Mayor’s garden in Lira town. The office condition is generally crowded since there is one storage building accommodating almost all the staff at the headquarters except the engineering department that is located in the yard.
Residential Accommodation

The Municipality owns 2residential blocks occupied by its senior staff. Both blocks are located in senior quarters. However, it is with no doubt that most of the Municipality staffs are not accommodated, this is because of lack of adequate houses. This arises due to the sale of most of the Municipality houses to private hands.


One comment on “Housing Sub Sector (Lmc)

  1. When was the Office Accommodation built? Have you ever presented it to the government for consideration and what was the response and is there evidence that the government did not do anything about it even a promise and did you follow up the promise if any? Sometimes we like lamenting when we are the very problems am afraid.

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