Commercial Sub Sector

Commercial sector exists to oversee the activities of farmer groups in the District with the main aim of organising them to a common front for doing business and have benefits of cooperative membership with a view to increase household incomes and livelihoods hence fighting poverty.
This is coupled with the design and implementation of strategies that promote value addition, production of high value low volume products and niche marketing. This therefore entails training business and farming communities in entrepreneurship and business development skills.
Furthermore, the sector also participates in sensitising tourism stakeholders and encourage the general public in preserving and conservation of tourism and wildlife. Also promotion of tourism investments in the district
The sector aims at promotion and streamlining the formation, organisation and operation of the cooperative societies with establishment together with bulk marketing of farmer’s products. This should all be coupled with promotion of acquisition and absorbtion of technologies in Industry at District level.

Current situation
There are a total of 42 registered saving and credit co-operative societies and 46 agricultural marketing societies in the district very many farmer groups for production and village savings and loan associations (VSLA) all gearing to promote the culture of savings.

Despite the limited resources the sector performed better as some activities done were funded by other partners in development.

Gender – the role of women in the operation of SACCOS and VSLA has been very instrumental, many women have assumed leadership roles in the village associations which has boosted production and savings culture


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