Fisheries Sub Sector

The current Lira District has high potential on aquaculture due to its wetland coverage (permanent and seasonal).Apart from Aromo sub-county, aquaculture is widely practiced in the District.There are about 230 fish ponds in the district and most of them were abandoned during insurgency period from 2001 to early 2007. Most farmers have returned to their homes from the camps and have embarked on rehabilitation of their ponds and some have constructed new ones The main commercial fish species farmed in the district are Tilapia niloticus and Clarius gariepinus, both spp grow to about 300gm and 1000gm within a period of 8-10 months under polyculture farming practices. The District is encouraging commercial aquaculture with support from MAAIF/ADB,FAO and WFP.

Two fry centres supported by the fisheries Development Project to produce Tilapia and cat fish seeds for the farmers in the district are now operational but below capacity.One fry center for the communities of Teso and Lango sub-regions is being constructed at Anai (Lira Sub-county) with support from WFP. 40 fish ponds constructed by WFP at Abako and Amugu sub-counties were harvested and awaiting restocking with support from WFP

Environmental degradation in the area is taking shape and is caused by the following factors:
– Fishing around wetlands also destroys the environment because it is burnt and dug in order to get lung fish
– Cutting of papyrus for making baskets and mats.
– Cultivation of wetlands
– Poor sitting of ponds and construction.
– Excavation for sand and brick making
– Careless disposal of plastic/polythene materials.
– Overgrazing in wetland and the catchments.


2 comments on “Fisheries Sub Sector

  1. Hello,
    Am a student at Makerere Univ. and i would like to do my research project on Water quality in Lira district. May you please get me a researchable problem about water in Lira.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Sentamu Stephen
    Msc. in Chemistry.

  2. Hello,
    Am student from makerere university
    Doing a bachelor’s in quantitative economics
    I would like to do my research on the impact of fish farming on the livelihoods of households in lira district.
    Bascially, i want to know the current fish ponds i hope to get feedback for you soon

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