Women in development (Lmc)

The section of women in development is designated as the municipality machinery for the advancement of women with the responsibility to initiate, co-ordinate and monitor programmes that promote women’s advancement within priority areas at community, municipality and national levels.

Women in Lira Municipality constitute 49.86% of the total population (2002 Population and Housing Census) women participate in many economic activities but mainly in the informal sector. For example women contribute over 70% of the total agricultural labour force. Women also perform many domestic tasks of family care and maintenance. Their workload ranges between 12 to 18 hours per day.
It is also noted with concern that most of the women’s activities are not remunerated. Despite the contribution made by women, they have little control and ownership over key productive resources.

Four priority areas have been identified for advancing the position of women (National action plan of women).
1. Poverty, income generation and economic empowerment.
2. Reproductive health and rights.
3. Legal frame work and decision making
4. The girl child education
The National action plan on women provides a frame work for coordinating Municipality and community initiatives under the above listed priority areas.


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