Mechanical Sub Sector

Works Department

Mechanical Sector
Details about plant and vehicles are given below:
Toyota Land Cruiser 3 (1 grounded)
Toyota Hilux 2.8 P/Up D/C 1 (1 grounded)
Mazda D/Cab P/Up 1 (scrap)
Suzuki Station Wagon 1
Mitsubishi P/Up 2 (grounded)
Isuzu Pick Up 2 (grounded)
Nissan Patrol 1
Isuzu Tippers 3 (2 grounded)
Jeifang Tippers 2 (1 grounded)
Agricultural Tractors M.F 4 (2 grounded)
Grader 1
Wheel Loader 1
Bulldozer 1
Ambulance 2
Ranger 2
Nissan Hard body 6 (1 grounded)

Provision of disposal of petroleum products in place i.e. through inspection of pit to avoid unnecessary disposal that affect the growth of plants and soil conservation. Unfortunately, many garages in town and the informal sector lack proper disposal methods. Also washing of cars takes place in water streams resulting in contamination of the streaming water. Although the sub-sector of environment is primarily responsible for this, this department is concerned about this as well.

Plan in place to encourage ladies from the department.

POCC Analysis
– Committed staffs in the department
– Has a functioning workshop (without staffs and tools).
– Draft maintenance plan in place.

– Local revenues allocation for repair and maintenance.
– Government providing new vehicles and motorcycles under line ministry.

– Lack of fund to carry out repairs and maintenance.
– Lack of equipment and tools for repair and maintenance.
– Lack of protective gears for staff.

– Some drivers not taking good care of plants and equipments
– Some staff not yet given appointment


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