Water sector (Lmc)

Water and Sanitation sector handles the provision of safe water and sanitation facilities in the district in for sustainable development. Water sector vision is “Water for all by the year 2015”. The goal of the sector is sustainable safe water supply and sanitation facilities based on management responsibility and ownership by users”.
In order to meet this, the water sector carries put a number of activities ranging from Borehole drilling and Installation, shallow well construction, spring protection, construction of small water scheme, installation of rain water tanks/ferro Cement Tanks, construction of Ecological sanitation toilets, 5-stance VIP latrines in primary schools, training of water and sanitation committees, hygiene education sessions as its major priorities.

Nearest source of distance to the water
On premises 8
Less than 1|2 km 73
1\2-<1km 15
1-5kms 4
More than 5 0
Total 100


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