Functional Adult Literacy Programme (FAL)

Functional Adult Literacy was designed to empower illiterate adults to participate effectively in public as well as community initiatives. To enhance community mobilisation and empowerment, Government revitalized the community development function in the Local Governments.

Functional adult literacy programme is being carried out by the Department of Community Development. At present the programme is being run in 9 sub-counties in the district, including the four division in the Municipality namely; Amach, Barr, Adekokwok, Ogur, Lira, Adyel, Ojwina, , Aromo, Ngetta, Agweng ,Agali , Railways and central divisions.

Challenges being faced by the programme:
– Inadequate incentives to support instructors who are the major pivot around which adult learning revolves. How are we going to sustain them in the FAL classes?
– Inadequate literacy materials for all levels including demand for English and Kishwahili materials
– Over whelming demand for FAL programme in all sub counties and villages.
– The community do lack skills which is sustainable as a result thee is no gainful self employment.
– Inadequate logistic support


9 comments on “Functional Adult Literacy Programme (FAL)

  1. The programme is absolutely good and it is a second chance for those who missed the first phase of study in life.God continue to give you more knowledge and good ideas for making our home better than before,Lira District

  2. Its very important to note that not all is tought in schools but with this we are able to get more facts that aid us in our academic pursuit. May god continue to bless you all. I appreciated it so much.

  3. government should allocate some incentive for FAL instructors
    community members need to be sensitized about the relevance of FAL program
    community members need to be involved in the selection and construction of learning center
    teaching learning materials need to be availed by government in various languages
    FAL instructors need to be trained in handling adult class

  4. I really liked the programme because its outcome had enabled our elders not only to read and write but also to be critical on a number if community issues

  5. There’s still a gap in how the government has handled this program, to some of us who are directly working in the community. We have found so many people who are passionate about it, and due to the prevailing challenges of inadequate training materials, little training given to FAL instructors and lack of facilitation for the program. There’s need to take those instructors in refresher trainings to cope up with the technology and use it to facilitate in their classes because there those who can’t even look for the information from the website,but only to wait for hard copies from the government.

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