Policy Issues

In a bid to realize the goal, mission and objectives of Lira District Local Government, the management services department put in place policies to ensure that good governance and service delivery provision is managed through an effective and efficient mechanism in a well coordinated manner. The policy statements herein include:
– The administration shall at all times practice and promote good governance, transparency and accountability at all levels of governance.
– The administration shall ensure the employment and development of competent human resources to discharge the tasks accorded to her by law established at all levels of administration in the District under her jurisdiction
– The management services shall ensure that all departments, sectors/units, civil society/private sector organisations who intend to carry out activities in the district, shall make a full disclosure of their plans/programmes ensures efficient and effective coordination, monitoring and evaluation.
– Each and every organisation, programme or project that shall come to the district shall either be integrated or build on the existing structures unless the same requires a completely new and/or special approach.
– The administration shall ensure the maintenance of and enhancement of an efficient and effective communication and coordination between the district political leadership and the community to promote rural development and poverty reduction.
– Management services shall ensure the development and sustenance of a modern information/communication unit which is able to cope with the challenges of modern times.
– Maintenance policies to be developed and implemented at all levels.
– Management services shall ensure the effective and efficient maintenance of law and order through mechanisms of crime detection, apprehending of suspects, and prosecution of offenders, protection of lives and properties of the citizens and safe custody of prison in-mates.


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