Gender and Culture (lmc)

Gender sector is mandated to address the inequalities in decision making, development activities, judicial cases, sexual harassment that exists between men and women. Because of the indifferences, it has always been difficult for gender as a cross cutting issue to be incorporated into all departmental development plans.
The sector is implementing Functional Adult Literacy (FAL) in the 4 divisions in the Municipality.
The sector contributes to the overall Municipal mission through promotion of social development, which involves positive transformation of beliefs, knowledge, attitudes and practices of people within households, communities and groups.

The major areas of focus include mobilization, sensitization, labour productivity, safe working environment, facilitation of participatory planning in communities, protection/promotion of rights of the less advantage individuals and groups, gender mainstreaming to ensure inclusion and participation of all. The sector operates as a primary conductor of government and municipal policies and programmes to the local communities.
The sector is divided into the departments of Probation and Social Welfare, social rehabilitation, youth and culture, labour and community development and gender. Each department has specific objectives which contribute to the overall objectives of the sector.


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