Management Support Services(Lmc)

This department has the responsibility of supervision and coordination of all the Municipal Council departments. It consists of the office of the Town clerk, Personnel, Internal Audit and Division staff.

The objectives of the department are enhancing transparency and accountability with maximum service delivery .However, the department is constraint by understaffing and lack of transport.

In addition to Internal Audit, the Municipality has got a number of systems to audit their books of accounts and also check on the value for money of all the projects undertaken in the Municipality in any given financial year. These are Internal Audit, District Accounts Committee, External Auditors and also Inspector of Government’s office. All these were put in place to check on the consistency in financial management and also to ensure that there is value for money for every public coin that is spent.

The Department is charged with; Initiation of policies and programmes, coordination and/or regulation of central Government policies and programmes, identification and articulation of local community needs, supervision and implementation of polices and programmes and initiation and enactment of by-laws.
However, the department is constraint by the following obstacles; inadequate funding, lack of transport, no staffing and inadequate office space.

Personnel in Municipality
Lira Municipal Council is a model 3 of the Restructuring structure of Public Service. It employs a total of 678 persons out of which 253(39.7%) are females. These are distributed in the nine sectors of the Municipality, including those working in the field (four (4) divisions, three (3) health units and schools) and the headquarters. The percentage of females is lower than that of male employees; this is because there are fewer educated ladies as compared to men in the whole country.
Lira Municipal Council’s employees were attracted from various regions of the country as adverts are always put in papers, people with the required qualifications apply and then the District Service Commission (Lira District) selects through the interviews the best persons

Information and Public Relations
The department is manned by 2 officers at junior level; it’s responsible for managing information, communication and public relations in the Municipality

Communication Facilities:
Radio stations

There are six (6) local F.M radio stations namely; Unity, North, WA, Lira , Rhino and voice of Lango in the Municipality plus others that are not stationed here but have offices and a big number of listeners. These include; Radio Mega, Radio Apac, Radio pa lwak, Radio pahida and UBC Radio. However, a recent survey by Unity F.M revealed that 91% of the households in Lira Municipality own a radio.

Telephone services

In terms of telephone services, the Municipality is served by MTN, CELTEL and UTL both mobile and landlines
In terms of telephone coverage, all the three service providers have got full network coverage in all parts of Lira Municipality at all times.

Internet Cafes
There are 16(sixteen) Internet cafes in Lira Municipality. However, most offices have Internet services.

News Papers
Most of the national newspapers in Uganda are read in the Municipality .This is because they are easily accessible by the population and also the population of Lira Municipality are literate enough to read them, above all ; the population of the great Municipality can afford the news papers.

Courier Systems
There are three (3) companies providing courier services in the Municipality, these are; Uganda Post, Yellow Pages and Daks Couriers. However, with the introduction of mobile phones and internet, the courier services in the Municipality are a little bit out competed.

Television Stations
There are 4(foue) Television stations in the Municipality, namely; North T.V, T.V WA, WBS and UBC. There are also those international subscription television network which are mainly found in big hotels, bars and restaurants around the Municipality


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