Housing Sub Sector

Sub-sector is Housing in charge of the supervision, monitoring and maintenance of district houses. Housing section has two staff members, i.e. two Engineering Assistants (buildings) of which one is the head of the section. The section also has a volunteer who has been helping in site supervision.

District buildings
These are buildings maintained by the district local government. This includes office blocks of all departments and sub-sectors. It also includes the prisons and staff buildings occupied by inmates and staff respectively at county level. Lastly there are the residential buildings at Ireda housing estate. The number of office blocks is 18 and number of staff houses at Ireda is 24. For more details see Annex IV (maintenance).

Sub-county buildings
These are buildings maintained by the sub-county local government. The buildings include the sub-county administrator’s office block and staff houses. In total 24 office blocks of which three are to be constructed fall under this category. The number of staff houses is 84.

POCC Analysis
– Committed staffs in the housing sector.
– Motorcycle available for service delivery.
– Proper office.
– Vehicle for carrying out supervision.

– Local revenue for maintenance.
– Policy in place to hire plants to generate revenue but not used in housing sector
– Retooling funds under LGMSD.

– Not enough motorcycles.
– No office equipments and tools.
– Inadequate funding.
– Lack of planning for maintenance.
– Inadequate knowledge at sub-county level about their roles in maintenance.
– Inadequate knowledge on technologies of constructing low cost houses and construction of toilets in difficult areas.
– Lack of coordination at the parish level when mobilising the community to initiate new technologies.
– Poor information flow to and from district and sub-county local governments.
– Housing policy not yet in place

– The sector has no budget line.
– The Ministry of Housing and urban planning is not aware of the presence housing staffs in the district
– Staffing level is poor (only the head of section available now).


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