Health services (Lmc)

Lira Municipal Health Sub-district is bordered by Adekokwok sub-county to the North, East and South, and Lira sub-county in the West. It comprises of four Divisions: Adyel, Central, Ojwina and Railways, twenty one (21) parishes and fifty nine (59) local council 1.The projected population (2010) is 119411 persons. There are two (2) Hospitals, one (1) HCIV and two (2) HCII. Lira Municipality is a cosmopolitan area, the majority being Langi. Major economic activities include trade, small scale industries, hotel and restaurants and vending.
During the height of the Northern insurgency in 2003, over 100,000 people were displaced and sought refuge in the Municipality

Health sector partners at HSD level
Lira Municipal Health Sub-District (HSD) has 2 Hospitals (one of which is private for profit), 1 HCIV and 3 HCIIs. It is bordered by Adekokwok and Lira sub-counties. Most of the neighboring populations prefer coming to our health units together with the IDPs in and around the Municipality.

Common causes of mortality and morbidity in Lira Municipal Council (LMC) HSD

The Municipality experiences a heavy disease burden mainly from preventable and environmentally related causes as portrayed in the table below. Malaria, Respiratory tract infection, infection of the ear throat and nose mouth constitutes the top four causes of ill health in the community. This is worsened by the poor environmental sanitation in the Municipality resulting from indiscriminate disposal of human and solid waste and mushrooming unplanned settlements in the suburbs. In addition, the growing industrialization demands that focus should be on occupational.

Trauma resulting from road traffic accidents is emerging as a major public health problem. This is compounded by the increasing traffic on the narrow poorly maintained roads

1. Malaria 25%
2 No pneumonia cough or cold 11%
3 Intestinal worms 5.3%
4 Injuries due to other causes 3.7%
5 Eye 3.0%
6 HIV/AIDS 3.0%
7 Diarrhea 2.8%
8 Skin disease 2.7%
9 UTI 2.0%
10 STIs 1.7%
11 Others 39.8%
12 Total 100%
Source: Lira Municipal Health Office


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  1. Please help me migrate Uganda. I’d also like to get information about a Masai family called Konchella. They are of Kenyan origin, and a sister who was a teacher once at Kenya High School has recently spoken to me and told me that she migrated to Lira District in hopes of marrying a Lango man so that she could product a child of three tribes, Masai, Kikuyu and Lango. That is my own trible ancestry. Miss Konchella was at Kenya High School during the 1970’s for a brief period before moving on to Limuru Girls’ High School, as she told me. I’m curious to know what she wants from me and my Lango heritage.

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