FY 2012-2013

Lira District Local Government has received funds from the Government of Uganda under PRDP, SFG, LGSMDP, DANIDA and other sources and intends to utilize part of the funds for the procurement of various goods, works and services during FY 2012-13 and now invites competent entities/firms to bid for the categories below:

A:Open domestic bidding
1.Renovation of Administration block Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00001
2.Renovation of Natural resources departments Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00002
3.Renovation of community based services block Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00003
4.Construction of council hall, committee room, office of chairperson LCIII, reception and office of the sub county chief of Ngetta Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00004
5.Construction of council hall, committee room, office of the chairperson LCIII, reception and office of the sub county chief of Agweng Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00005
6.Installation of solar system/power in staff houses: 5 in Aromo, 4 in Aballa, 4 in Agali and 4 in Alik Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00006
7.Fencing of Amach Hciv Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00007
8.Fencing of Ogur HCIV Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00008
9.Purchase of assorted medical equipment at Aballa, Akangi, Apuce and Walela health centres’ Ref: Lira 531/Supplies/2012-13/00001
10.Construction of 2 markets stalls and toilets at agricultural show ground Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00009
11.Construction of a market stall and toilet at Balpe market Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00010
12.Construction of a market stall and toilet at corner ogur Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00011
13.Construction of 3 cattle crushes at Apuce, Abwocolil and Ayira parishes Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00012
14.Construction of a classroom block at Agweng Modern with an office Primary School Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00013
15.Construction of a classroom block with an office at Ololango Primary Schoool Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00014
16.Construction of a classroom block with an office at Otara Primary School Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00015
17.Supplies of 1 PH meter, 1 EC, 2 GPS, 4 Noise meter for Natural Resource Department and one total station including tripot stand and its reflector for survey for lands department and stocking of electronic microscope and Accessories, 1 Autoclave, 1 EC Meter, 1 PH Meter, Assorted Reagents to Production department under PRDP Lira 531/supplies/2012-13/00002
18.Drilling of 14 deep wells
•Drilling of 7 deep wells Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00016
•Drilling of 7 deep wells Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00017
19.Construction of 10 ferro water tanks
•Lot 1: construction of 5 ferro water tanks Ref: Lira 531/works /2012-13/00018
•Lot 2: construction of 5 ferro water tanks Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00019
20.Periodic road maintenance of Akia – Ongica 7kms under Rural Infrastructure (DANIDA) Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00020
21.Periodic road maintenance of Omito – Amucha 7kms under Rural Infrastructure (DANIDA) Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00021
22.Periodic road maintenance of Amach Corner – Te – Owelo 15.3kms under PRDP Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00022

B: Selective bidding restricted to pre qualified firms only
1.Renovation of 4 classrooms at lwal Primary School Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00023
2.Construction of a five (5) stance VIP latrine at Ayel Primary School Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00024
3.Construction of a five (5) stance VIP latrine at Ocamonyang Primary School Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00025
4.Construction of a five (5) stance VIP latrine at Ober Primary School Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00026
5.Installation of solar panel at Aromo vocational S.S, Amach Complex S.S, Agweng S.S and Barr S.S Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00027
6.Installation of lightening arrestors at Abunga Primary School and Akalocero Primary School Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00028
7.Supply of 200 three seater school desks to Education department
•Lot 1: supply of 50 three seater school desks Lira 531/supplies /2012-13/00003
•Lot 2: supply of 50 three seater school desks Lira 531/supplies/2012-13/00004
•Lot 3: supply of 50 three seater school desks Lira 531/supplies/2012-13/00005
•Lot : supply of 50 three seater school desks Lira 531/supplies/2012-13/00006
8.Construction of 4 shallow wells Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00029
9.Rehabilitation of 12 boreholes
•Lot 1: Rehabilitation of 4 boreholes Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00030
•Lot 2: Rehabilitation of 4 boreholes Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00031
•Lot 2: Rehabilitation of 4 boreholes Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00032
10.Protection of 8 springs
•Lot 1: Protection of 4 springs Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00033
•Lot 2: Protection of 4 springs Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00034
11. Construction of one (1) Ecosan Toilet under water department Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00035
12.Construction of 2 demonstration fish ponds and fish cage Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00036
13.Supply of 7,500 cat fish and 5,000 Tilapia fingerlings and 60 bags of fish pellets (feeds) under PMG and 5000 African cat fish fingerlings,5000 Nile Tilapia fingerlings and 26 bags feeds (36% protein) under EQ. grant and 1 harvesting sein Net, 1 sampling sein Net and 13 bags of dish feeds under LGMSD Ref: Lira 531/supplies/2012-13/00007
14.Supply of 637 pineapple suckers, 300kgs of rice nerica seeds, 250kgs NABE 4 and 250kgs maize seeds Longe 5 Ref: Lira 531/supplies/2012-13/00008
15.Renovation of Aromo Sub County Head Quarter Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00037
16.Construction of 2 stances of vip latrine at County Chiefs’ residence Aromo Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00038
17.Construction of 4 stances pit latrine at atimikoma primary school in Agali Sub County Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00039
18.Construction of 2 plant clinics Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00040
19.Supplies of 1076 Tsetse traps and 2 litres of Glossinex and 1 motorized/powered spray pumps to Production department under PRDP and 1 maize Huller for commercial sector under EQG Lira 531/supplies/2012-13/00009
20.Supplies of 5000 sache drugs (2.3 gm Diminazene) PMG Lira 531/supplies/2012-13/00010
21.Supplies of 400 NCD Vaccines (500 dose pack), one honey refractometer,500 packaging bottles, 500 labels, 1 weighing scale and 1 settling tank Lira 531/supplies/2012-13/00011
22.Supplies 15 slashers, 1 bicycles and 15 protective wears Lira 531/supplies/2012-13/00012
23.Supplies of 6 treddle pumps and accessories (LGMSD and Eq. Grants) Lira 531/supplies/2012-13/00013
24.Renovation of Aballa HC IV in Agweng Sub County Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00041
25.Construction of two (2) stances pit latrine at the Agweng Sub County headquarters Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00042
26.Supplies of43 school desks to Adwila, Boke and Burlobo in Adekokwok Sub County Lira 531/supplies/2012-13/00014
27.Re roofing of 2 classrooms at Acwikot P/S and fitting of metal doors to 4 classrooms in Boke parish Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00043
28. Construction of 2 stances pit latrine at Bal Pee market Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00044
29.Construction of four (4) stances pit latrine at Omito P/S Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00045
30.Supplies of 35 school desks to two primary schools in Lira Sub County Lira 531/supplies/2012-13/000015
31.Plastering of internal wall, floor and front wall – Ngetta Sub County Head Quarters Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00046
32.Supplies of 10 three seater school desks to 2 primary schools in Ngetta Sub County Lira 531/supplies/2012-13/00016
33.Construction of 2 stances pit latrine at Ngetta Sub County Headquarters Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00047
34.Installation and wiring of solar at Abunga HCII AND wiring of Barr HCIII OPD ward and Sub County Office in Barr Sub county Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00048
35.Construction of 5 stances vip latrine at Ayel P/S in Barr Sub county Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00049
36.Supply of one (1) motor cycle for extension worker Barr Sub County Lira 531/supplies/2012-13/00017
37.Supplies 60 desks to Okwaloamara, ogur and ogur central primary schools Lira 531/supplies/2012-13/00018
38.Supplies of 2 laptops and 2 printers to Lands Department, one computer and accessories for Finance department under LGMSD , 2 computers and accessories for IFMS user –funding IFMS and Desktop computer for Amach Sub County under LGMSD Lira 531/supplies/2012-13/00019
39.Construction of 2 four (4) stances Vip latrines at Amach HCIV and HQTs under LGMSD Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00050
40.Fencing of Administration Block Ref: Lira 531/works/2012-13/00051
N.B: Restricted bidding closing date is 4th of October, 2012