Crime (Lmc)

The 2010 police records indicate that returns on crimes reflect a total of 12,875 cases. However, there are other crimes committed and they are unnoticed by the police. These come about as a result of the following circumstances:-
• At night when patrol police are not around that area
• When the case is taken to LCs and it is compromised from there and not reported to the police
• When the officer handling the case is compromised and the case is not forwarded to the higher police ranks

The Municipality has 8 police posts capable of handling cases within 4 divisions of the municipality. However, Lira municipality being an urban center, the police services is still not enough in terms of facilitation and personnel. This therefore requires the following:-

• Opening of more police posts
• Training of more Municipal enforcement officers
• Procurement of more police patrol vehicles
• Opening of grade I magistrate court with the Municipality and a separate prison/cell for the suspects/criminals/inmates


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