This sub-sector is under Education. The sub-sector has only two officers as per staff establishment; the District Sports Officer who unfortunately passed away in However 2003 and Assistant Sports Officer. At the moment the office is occupied by the Caretaker Mr. Alani Leo. Before retrenchment policy was affected, there was one assistant sport officer, one clerical officer, one typist, one messenger and five county sports organizers.

There is no functional stadium right now. The dilapidated stadium within Lira Municipality (named after 1974 Munich Olympic champion John Akii-Bua) has been allocated to Lira Regional Referral Hospital for expansion. New site will be at the former airstrip. Most school fields are in fair condition, but equipment is virtually non-existent, though UPE is supposed to address this.

Performance in national competition has been generally good, but is greatly affected by inadequate funds for the last two years as these activities are budgeted under local revenue which is not forthcoming. Negative attitudes of some head teachers to fund coupled with irregular disbursement of UPE capitation grant to schools have limited the Lower Level Competitions affecting the quality of District selection and participation at National Champion.

Performance Review
The implementation of last year’s development plans.
– Most of the planned activities for last financial year 2010/11 went generally according to plan. This was not true for all activities planned under local revenue.
– Local revenue collection becomes very difficult as most of the tax payers are incapacitated by the war (in a return and resettlement trauma).
– Grants (UPE), salaries, etc) came but their releases were not always on schedule. That’s why most activities were completed outside the planned timeframe.
– We have been in position to make desks and distribute them to schools both from Local Government and the Central government
– School inspection was below the required number per school per year (at least once termly).
– The PRDP money was used to build teachers houses in about 43 schools in 2009/10
– In 2010/11 we plan to build 51 twin staff houses using funds from PRDP
The vehicle for inspection department and the office of the DEO’s are there in the yard in a bad state.
.The vehicles are old
. Some key positions are vacant e.g. (SEO&DSO)
.Low funding due to low tax collection
.There is high need to fuel the motorcycles and vehicles of education department to ease inspection and administration.
The motorcycles which have been given to inspectors (Jialing) are weak and needs constant servicing.

Apart from producing the only Ugandan Olympic gold medallist in the person of John Akii-Bua, it has also produced world junior gold medallist Julius Acon and world junior silver medallist Francis Ogola. Akulla Ramadan Silver and bronze and one best for (Amucu Evelyn) gold medal, silver and bronze to the present.

In football, has constantly been producing the regional representative in the Nile Super, Super League i.e Boroboro Holy Hill FC and YOUFRA FC represented northern region.. Due to organisation of sporting activities the district has been voted best in the whole country. St Katherine Girls Secondary School and Lango College worn the National Rugby Trophies for the last two years. Lira District was also represented in the National Scouts Camping in Kaazi both at Junior and Venture Scouts by Dr. Obote College and Adyel Primary School respectively. Girl Guides were also represented.

SWOT Analysis
Presence of structure in schools, and at lower levels (sub-county and county)
Presence of trained coaches and referees
Presence of District Sports Council
Use of 20% of UPE capitation grants for promotion of co-curricular activities in primary schools
Willingness of schools to participate in district and national level competitions
Presence of play fields in all schools – primary, secondary and tertiary
Ability of the district to perform favourably at national level.

Absence of sports policy at both national and district levels
Lack of sporting activities especially football by the community
Lack of willing sports sponsors
Dilapidated district stadium
Poor working relationship between head teachers and teachers
Failure of district to support talented sports students in further education especially at post
primary levels
Construction of a modern stadium at Lira Air field since Akii Bua Stadium has been taken
over by Lira hospital.
Lack of funds to take district team for national competition.

Support the District sports officer
Conduct training courses for 300 teachers and administrators in minimum standard, games. In
the trainings HIV/AIDS education to be integrated.
Conduct officiating courses in the five minimum standard games
Procure equipment for the five games
Construct at least one standard ground per county (preferably at county headquarters)
Conduct two District Sports Council meetings and five association annual general meetings
Procure trophies
Increase monitoring and supervision of sporting activities in schools and communities
Create the post of at least one additional staff
Service and Fuel motorcycle to ease transport

Other districts look for athletes from Lango sub-region for sponsorship at post primary education
Expression of interests by some (foreign) partners in the construction of a stadium.
Provision of material, logistical and technical support by national council of sports.

Uncertainty of construction of new district stadium
Ignorance of law of the game by the community;
Constant in conflicts between secondary schools when it comes to post primary football competition.


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